A Book of Knowledge
O carte a stilurilor muzicale (A Book of Musical Styles)

Bucharest, Editura Muzicală, 2011

Vasile Iliuţ


       During the last days of 2011, Editura Muzicală offered its audience a special event: the re-editing of the two-volume cycle O carte a stilurilor muzicale (A Book of Musical Styles) by Vasile Iliuţ, now completed by a third volume, in which his daughter, lecturer Anamaria Călin reviewed the yet unpublished manuscript of the initial project, adding her own contributions.
We are witnesses to a precious historical, stylistic and musicological material, dedicated to those, students or professional musicians, who wish to find out more about style in universal composition. Such a text represents a work of profound study, documentation, memory and didactic experience, reunited under the sign of culture.
By enumerating these references we actually defined the personality traits of Professor Vasile Iliuţ (1933-2004), whose activity illustrated his deep knowledge, through the courses he taught for decades at the National University of Music Bucharest. Gifted with the eternal values of the pedagogue, professor, musicologist and composer, he shared a destiny with us until the tragic moment when his life - collapsing under the effort of relentless work for research, the University, students and family - lost the light which guided its actions.
As close partners of generation, I was familiar with his preoccupations and the events of his existence and, counting myself among those who cared for him, I understood his ideals. Although refraining from tracing his evolution, we wish to examine a precise goal: the study, the unrelenting research for grasping knowledge and passing it on to the youngest musicians who will naturally follow him. Thus, the information gathered with accuracy throughout time, in files, studies, volumes of music history, courses that were carefully collected, as a project, in what we could call “the book of knowledge”. His last project represents a journey began before 2000, minutely written, step by step, partially transformed into editorial material, whose first periodization encompassed The Theory of Style, Antiquity, Renaissance (vol. 1), Baroque and Classicism. In this writing, destined to be published, one must notice the construction of an elaboration system which has the aim to formulate syntheses comprising historical references, analytical consideration of composing creations and referential stylistic conclusions. Thus, the result has the value of being both an option and a guide in examining the evolution of universal music.
The previously mentioned achievement was supposed to be followed by another volume as a continuation of Vasile Iliuț’s investigations. On manuscript pages, carefully marked for each work day, lay the professor’s thoughts, as the systematic continuation of the project, until darkness ensued… What happened next? His daughter’s love and admiration generously answered the duty towards her father, whose career choice she followed (as lecturer at the National University of Music Bucharest). The compiling, completing and editorial unification, respecting the previously formulated programme, took shape gradually, requiring great patience, currently reaching the status of a version that could be published.
We could interpret this result as the opportunity for Vasile Iliuţ to avoid the shadow of forgetfulness, as concepts like Romantism, Impresionism, Verism, Expresionism (Romanticism, Impressionism, Verism, Expressionism) are still being thoroughly discussed. We believe in the meaning of this completed re-editing, as well as in the love and loyalty thus confessed by Anamaria Călin.

Grigore Constantinescu
(English Version by Simina Neagu)